Frequently Asked Questions
If your question is not answered below, please contact us at for further help.

What's new for 2018?
First, you will see the addition of a registration fee during the registration process. The registration fee is $25 for adults and $10 for kids between ages of 4 and 17. Anyone 18 years of age and older is considered an adult.  This registration fee is a "First Step" gift. It was added because more than half of walk4ALZ Los Angeles participants do not take the first step and donate to the event. Every Step Matters. walk4ALZ Los Angeles is an important fundraiser that allows Alzheimer's Los Angeles to continue providing much needed care and support to families in need free of charge.

What do I get for taking the First Step and donating $25?
Every walk4ALZ participant will receive an event t-shirt in 2018 as our thank you for taking the first step and making a gift of $25! T-shirts will be available for pick up at Bank Night or the morning of the walk. Please let us know your preferred t-shirt size (and the sizes for your family members, if applicable) during the registration process. Sizes run from Adult Extra Small (comparable to Youth Small) to Adult XXL.

That's great, I needed a new t-shirt anyway. What else is new?
Anyone who raise $100 or more will receive an exclusive, limited-edition, premium long-sleeved shirt. This limited edition long sleeve shirt will only be available to participants who raise $100 or more.

Can I participate in walk4ALZ if I have never fundraised before?
Yes! We are always here to help with your fundraising journey. Email us at and let us know where we can help. Thank you for choosing Alzheimer's Los Angeles!

Can I register for other people?
Yes, you can. During your registration, select "Additional Participants" at the bottom of the "Contact Info" page. You simply need their First Name, Last Name, Email, and Date of Birth.

I walked in previous years, do I have to create a new registration?
No. At the top of the registration page, you will see "Returning Participant?" Select that button and log in to your previous walk account using your old username and password.  If you cannot remember your username and/or password, enter your email in the "Forgot Username or Password" box to receive an email with your login information.

As a returning participant, you have access to the address book you previously imported and your donation history. Returning participants will save time during the registration process because fields will be filled in with your information from the previous year. Please confirm that your contact information is up to date before proceeding to the next step.

I already registered for the walk, but I can't remember my account log in. What should I do?
There is a "Forget Username or Password" box under the "Log In" option. Submit your email and we will email your login information to you. If you cannot remember which email you used, please contact us at

Should I send emails from the Participant Centre or from my personal email?

We recommend doing what's easiest for you and what you think your contacts will be most responsive to.  The benefits of sending emails from your Participant Centre are the existing templates.  You are more than welcome to copy the templates into your personal email.

How do I get a walk4ALZ tshirt?
Your t-shirt is included with the $25 registration fee. You may pick up your shirt at Bank Night (date TBA) or at walk4ALZ on Sunday, October 28, 2018. Walkers who donate or raise $100 or more will be eligible for the exclusive long sleeve shirt. 

Do you accept cash donations?
We do, but for security and accuracy purposes, we prefer that you either
(1) deposit the cash to your own bank account, and then donate online via debit/credit card,
(2) deposit the cash to your own bank account, and then write one big check for all of your cash donations. Mail the check to our office, along with the completed donation form(s) so that we can acknowledge and credit the donors accordingly, or
(3) Drop off the cash at Bank Night (date TBA) or at our office (4221 Wilshire Blvd., #400, Los Angeles, CA 90010)

If your donors are expecting an acknowledgement letter from Alzheimer's Los Angeles, we require both their donation and completed Offline Donation Form. If you choose option 1 and donate on your page with your credit card, please enter the donor's information in the "Contact Information" page.

I cannot attend the event, but would like to fundraise for walk4ALZ. What are my options?
You have many options if you're unable to attend the event. Thank you for supporting Alzheimer's Los Angeles!
(1) Become a donor - donate to an individual, a team, or the event.
(2) Become a team member - you may join a team and let the Team Captain know that you will not be able to attend, but would like to support them anyway
(3) Register as an Individual Walker/Team Captain - you may still register as an Individual Walker (or Team Captain) and create a fundraising page. We recommend you personalize your fundraising page with your story and state that you will not be walking, but decided to still support and fundraise for walk4ALZ.

Can I bring my dog to the event?
No, unfortunately, Century Park is not a dog-friendly venue.

Is walk4ALZ appropriate for children?
Yes! We encourage multiple generations of family members to attend walk4ALZ. Costumes are encouraged as the event is just 3 days prior to Halloween.

Parents/Guardians, please note: Exhibitors frequently offer snacks and other food items at their booths. Our policy is that only pre-packaged food may be offered. We attempt to limit products with nuts and other food allergens at walk4ALZ but cannot guarantee that every product will be free of these food allergens.  If you have any allergies in your family, please exercise caution and ask any booths you visit if any of your food allergens are present in the food offered.

What activities are planned for walk4ALZ?
We are still working out details for 2018, but in 2017 we had stilt walkers dressed as witches, face painters, Halloween games, jumbo yard games, and much more!

Is walk4ALZ Los Angeles handicap accessible?
Yes, handicap parking is available in the garage and there are ADA approved ramps throughout the venue.  If you have specific questions or needs, please email and enter "ADA Question" in the subject line.

I am a company representative and am interested in joining walk4ALZ Los Angeles. What opportunities are available?
An organization/company can support us in many ways:
(1) Create a team - rally co-workers/employees and their friends and family to join the company team and fundraise together
(2) Become an Exhibitor - reserve an exhibitor booth and contribute to the event by bringing food, games, and entertainment while sharing information about your company.
(3) Become a Sponsor - for more information, please contact Melissa Goldman at and enter "Walk4ALZ LA 2018 - Sponsorship Inquiry" in the subject line.

Can you explain the difference in pricing for Exhibitor Booths?
The difference in pricing comes down to location and choice. Like trade shows and real estate, some booth locations are priced higher due to their proximity to attractions and amenities resulting to a higher chance of increased foot traffic from guests. 

Multiple price levels also allow exhibitors to select the location that best meets their needs and their budget. 

When can I select my Exhibitor Booth location?
Exhibitor Booth locations are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis determined by when your payment is received.  Please proceed to the Exhibitors tab of the site to purchase and reserve your space.

I am an exhibitor and purchased an item from the exhibitor tab. What are my next steps?
Thank you for purchasing and reserving your spot! Your next steps are:
(1) Signs of Support purchase: email your hi-resolution logo in vector art format AND as a JPEG to along with your 60 character message of support.
(2) Exhibitor Booth Purchase: Please return to  Register Now and register your company as an "Event Sponsor Team." We require that any participant - walker or sponsor - attending the event register in advance and sign the indemnification waiver.  Any other staff members working with you at the walk will need to register as a Team Member under your team. If you have questions, please email us at
(3) Join the Facebook Event Page and help us spread the word. We are also on Twitter and Instagram!

Can I pay for my Exhibitor Booth by check?
Yes! Please include the Offline Exhibitor Forms with the check. All checks should be made payable to Alzheimer's Los Angeles and mailed to:

Alzheimer's Los Angeles
ATTN: walk4ALZ Los Angeles
4221 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Any checks not payable to Alzheimer's Los Angeles will be returned and subject to a $25.00 returned check fee.

What time does my team have to be at the event to set-up?
Exhibitor check in opens at 6:00 am and all booths must be set up by 7:00 am

I can no longer attend the event. Can my organization/company get a refund?
No. Once the total fee is received, the agreement is considered in force and binding. There are no refunds. Alternatively, you may:
(1) Send another employee to represent your organization/company.
(2) Donate the space to a local dementia or aging-focused non-profit organization. There are several community organizations we work with who would be thrilled to use the space.
(3) Donate the space back to walk4ALZ Los Angeles

What games and activities are allowed in Exhibitor Booths?
Any games and activities are allowed if it is appropriate for families, fun, educational, or interactive. In the past, we've had games for kids and adults, face paintings, balloon artists, contests and giveaways, and interactive demonstrations. Activities that engage the brain, stimulate thought, or promote health and wellness are preferred.

All games and activities must fit within the confines of your booth and cannot interfere with, or encroach on, neighboring booths.

If you wish to offer food items, please note that only pre-package food items may be offered at your booth. No products containing nuts are allowed.  Event staff, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to remove any food offerings that contain nuts.

Is power available to exhibitors?
Power may be available depending on your booth location. Generators may be rented for an additional fee and must be reserved ten (10) business days in advance. Event staff reserves the right to move your booth to another location if it determines that the generator will negatively impact exhibitors around you.

To inquire about the availability of power for your booth, please email